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Two's-Day was born on 2-22-22, on a Tuesday, hence the clever name by her family.  


Two's-Day is a sweet girl, who is also confident, adventurous and independent. 


She is typically the first to greet us and after she gets some snuggle time in, often looking into our eyes, she gives up her place for the others and is content just lying down nearby and observing or playing with her toys. 


She was the first born female and she is typically the first to try new adventures, setting the example for the others. 


When we took them out for their first walk around the farm, as young puppies, Two's-Day trotted ahead with her parents, while some of the others needed some encouragement to leave the patio for the first time. 


Two's-Day is just as happy to play with her siblings, interact with us or keep herself entertained. 


She has somewhat of a pragmatic, content, personality. She created her own routines that she sticks to throughout the day but she gladly joins in with any activity that we do together. 


 She is smart and picks up all training requests with enthusiasm and ease. 


She is the first to go to bed each night and the first to awaken her siblings for their sunrise playtime. 

Two's-Day at her new home, in California.

A note from Two's-Day's family...

TWO's-Day already shows so much understanding when we tell her something. She has been a very quick learner, ready to please and has settled into our lifestyle so well.


She loves everybody in this family and we have never seen her favor one person over another. 

At 5 months 2 weeks old, she is 54 pounds and stands quite tall for such a young pup. Seems her legs grow first, looking lanky, then her body catches up.


Her temperament is wonderful, she is quiet, easily trained to hold her potty, and personality is fabulous.


We get so many comments when we are out walking from everyone that comes into contact with her. She loves her walks and her dog park visits.

She is full of love and always wants attention from us.

Every day we are grateful for all of Dana's expertise and knowledge, and mostly for her continued support as TWO's-Day grows. 

We are so thankful for this beautiful girl and all the love she has brought into our lives. Can’t imagine life without her in it. 

Thank you Dana for this wonderful gift. 

Oscar and Elsie

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