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Our next puppies

are due


April 2024




Our puppies receive a whole lot of love and excellent care from conception!

We believe that their early life experiences are directly related to life-long benefits as adults.


Our puppies start with good genetics and receive outstanding prenatal care, as well as outstanding care during each phase of their development.


They are raised in a stimulus-rich environment that enables them to reach their full potential with ease. 


We are with them every day of their young lives. They are born in the master bedroom and they spend each day with us as part of our family.   


They are definitely our number one focus during the precious 9 - 10 weeks that we have with them.


Sure they need daily care but we simply cannot get enough of them! We truly cherish every minute that they are in our lives. We do not get much else done around the farm when we have a litter of adorable puppies!  


We even sleep (well, not a lot of sleep) in the whelping area with them until their eyes open, to ensure that none of them miss a feeding or get separated from the warmth of their mother and littermates.


My son has often slept in there with them beyond their first 2 weeks of life, just to have puppies cuddled up next him all night.   

Besides the outstanding care and devotion from both doggie parents, our puppies have the additional advantage of being raised by our other Great Bernese family members as well. 


We have been so in awe of each of their dedications and contributions; from staying alongside Skya through labor, cleaning of puppy bottoms, endless snuggling, giving lots of kisses and age-appropriate lessons and play.


Each doggie family member takes such an active role in caring for the puppies, 24 hours per day, with each stage of the puppies development.


When we watch how much time and attention each of our four adult Great Bernese contribute to every puppy, we wonder how other doggie moms do it alone.


If she has an entire litter to care for on her own, it simply would not be possible to provide the same level of undivided attention that each puppy receives when a small pack of extended family members is additionally involved to help.  

There are no dog kennels on our property or impersonal puppy names like "Blue collar - boy".


We do not have multiple litters at a time, nor multiple breeding pairs and we do not breed multiple different breeds. Each special litter gets our undivided attention. 


We are a family with 4 lovely Great Bernese who are with us each day on the horse farm and nearly everywhere that we go.  

You are more than welcome to visit our home to meet Max, Lilly, Spoticus, Skya and the puppies.


Owners of puppies that we have raised would be happy to speak with you for references as well.

All puppies have had the ideal scores of 3 - 4 on the Volhard Puppy Aptitude Test.


They are intelligent and have confidence and enthusiasm for training.

They hold a deep love for people of all ages and they offer their affection freely.

They are great with other dogs and other species and they are dependable during new experiences.


They have a gift for creating smiles and laughter and they have contagious zest for life. 

The puppies are such precious and amazing souls. They are great communicators with their beautiful, expressive eyes, each with their own unique personality and so much love to give.

When you find your puppy here, we are so honored to be a part of helping to connect you with your special doggy soulmate! 

We are also beyond grateful for the amazing people who have come into our lives because of the puppies. 


Most of us have a story about how our pet “picked us”. It never ceases to amaze us how each puppy appears to recognize their owner when they meet in person for the first time. Somehow, they just know their family... 




  • MAX & SKYA




  • 62.5% Bernese Mountain Dog

  • 37.5% Great Pyrenees




  • DANA




  • Our horse breeding farm near Scottsdale, Arizona. 




  • YES



  • Lots of daily love and attention 

  • "Come" and "Sit"

  • Age appropriate training for good manners

  • Riding in the cab of our truck

  • Children, toddlers, other vaccinated dogs, kind strangers

  • Going on walks around the farm and trails

  • Multiple baths

  • Nails clipped 

  • Lots of time indoors and outdoors

  • Potty training initiated and often completed

  • Raised with 2 cats

  • Share a fence line and sniff noses with our horses 

  • Sensory and stimulus rich environment 

  • Raised by their mom, dad, 2 other pack members and a loving family 

  • We are home on the farm and with the puppies each day so they are our number one focus for the precious 9 - 10 weeks that we have with them.  

  • We cherish every moment together. We truly love each one of them! 




  • Mommy's milk (birth to 9-10 weeks - gradual weaning)

  • Supplemented with Esbilac Puppy Milk Replacer (for large litters)

  • Science Diet & Royal Canin Dry Puppy Food - always available



  • Panacur​



  •  Nobivac Puppy DPv

        Canine Distemper - Parvovirus

  •  Nobivac Puppy DPv

        Canine Distemper - Parvovirus

  • Canine Spectra 5​

       Canine Distemper - Parainfluenza -

       Adenovirus Type 2 - Parvovirus


Vaccinations will continue on schedule until the puppies are in their new home.  



  • $3000 


  • $500 due when your puppy is age 1 week.  After you have been notified that you are guaranteed a puppy and after you have selected your puppy. 

  • Remaining balance ($2500) at pick up or payments until pickup date. 


  • It is quality over quantity for us. We care much more about giving the puppies our undivided attention and a really great start in life, verses, producing litter after litter.

  • We receive puppy inquiries each day so unfortunately, we could never fulfill a long waiting list. 

  • Additionally, we do our best to help match the puppies with great homes, when the timing is right for the puppy owners, verses, the next name on a list.​  

  • The new puppy owners tend to be the result of the right timing, or perhaps what is meant to be; in combination with our intuitive sense for helping to match the puppies with their wonderful families. Special families who find their puppies here tend to have trust in this process. 

  • There are so many lovely people out there and we truly wish that we could provide puppies for each of you, especially after reading your heartfelt messages and seeing photos of your adventures with your families and pets. 



  • We think it is only fair to leave it up to the universe, fate, destiny, luck, the powers that be or whatever you opt to call it… 

  • We have found that it works best to intuitively select a group of you who have really stood out to us, as far as offering wonderful homes and who are ready for a puppy when our puppies are due.  


  • After the puppies are born and we know how many puppies we have to offer, we will put your selected names in a bowl and do a random drawing to determine who gets a puppy. 

  • We will contact you in the order that your name was drawn. You are welcome to select your puppy at that point, (if you are drawn to one in particular) or you can reserve a puppy and decide which one to select later.


  • When they are a little older, we can give you a detailed description of each unique personality and can help with the decision if you would like or you are welcome to meet them in person to decide.

  • Most people know right away which puppy is their puppy, just by looking at photos of them as newborns. All of the puppies are adorable but they will be drawn back to one puppy. 



  • After the puppies are born, remarkably, each new puppy owner seems to be drawn to a specific puppy. Thus far, there has never been an instance where two puppy owners wanted the same puppy and no other. They may share that they would be happy with any of them that are a certain color or gender, for example but after the puppies are born, a clear connection comes to light.

  • We also have a strong intuitive feeling about which puppy belongs with each family after the puppies are born. We are happy to share that information with you if you are having trouble deciding. Each puppy owner ultimately ends up with the right puppy for them. 




  • If you feel in your heart that your next special family member will find you from here, please send us an email.


  • Then continue to check our website for updates and please let us know that you are still interested in a puppy as her due date approaches.


  • We will get back in touch with you after the drawing and together, we will figure out who gets a puppy. These things always have a way of working out at the right time, just after the puppies are born.

  • My apologies ahead of time if I do not respond to your email in a timely manner, between litters.

  • Emails related to my horse business take up my limited computer time and it may be months before the puppy emails are read. All emails are eventually answered. I do appreciate your thoughtful messages and feel terrible once I realize how long I have left the puppy emails unattended!  When we do have puppies, we keep in daily contact with the new puppy owners. 

  • I can appreciate that some of you would prefer a more concrete plan ahead of time about getting a puppy and other breeders may do things differently but for those of you who are seeking a best friend and canine soulmate, follow your intuition and trust that you and your puppy will indeed find each other at just the right time. I believe that is guaranteed.  


  • We will send you daily photos, videos and updates about your puppy from birth until they are on their way to you. The puppies are always doing something adorable so our phones are full of puppy videos anyway. We are here to answer any questions that you may have along the way. Of course, you are welcome to visit anytime as well! 


  • Puppies typically stay with us through their 9th week and that is what we recommend. There are important developmental milestones that occur during their 9th week, such as learning doggie rules and other appropriate dog behaviors that they learn from their parents.  Puppies may leave up to a week sooner or stay longer if that is a necessity for your schedule.  


  • Puppies may be shipped anywhere in the US at 9 weeks or Canada at 10 weeks of age.

  • We take your puppy to the veterinarian to get the Health Certificate and we drive your puppy to the airport to be sure that they are safely on their way to you. 

  • The puppies typically fly cargo, which is pressurized and temperature controlled. The airlines have temperature restrictions so pets do not fly if it is too hot or too cold during the time they are loaded and unloaded from the airplane. Non-stop flights are preferred whenever possible. 

  • Occasionally, some of the smaller puppies have been able to fly in cabin with their owners. They were about the maximum size allowable to be able to fit under the seat and their owners had them in collapsible carriers that expanded on the sides so the puppies could lie down.  

  • There are some lesser known airlines that are now (thankfully) allowing larger dogs to fly in cabin, on the floor, without a crate, when a window seat is purchased for them. The owner takes the accompanying seat so the puppy can extend into the floor space of both seats if need be. JSX Airlines is an example. 


  • I see a day when the larger airlines will follow suit and allow the convenience of in cabin travel with our larger dogs, in the same way that most hotels and restaurants with patio dining now allow dogs. Our dogs have reached a whole new status in our families these days, verses any other time in history, and we want to be able to take our wonderful, well-behaved, Great Bernese with us. 

  • The puppies usually weigh 20 lbs  - 27 lbs at the start of their 10th week. 


Shipping costs:


  • Airline flight, Airline Crate, Bedding, Health Certificate, Collar & leash. 


  • Our next (and last) Max and Skya litter is due around April 2024. 


  • Skya will very likely likely be retired from breeding thereafter (at age 4 1/2) but she will remain our beloved family member and she will help to raise Avy's puppies. Avy is our AKC Bernese. She is very much like Skya in looks and personality. Avy's first litter with Max will hopefully be in the Spring of 2025. 

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