About Great Bernese





Great Pyrenees and Bernese Mountain Dogs are both ancient breeds, from the Alps of Switzerland and France. They were bred to be flock guardians, working dogs and loyal companions.    


Great Bernese are such nurturing, sweet and loving dogs! They are fabulous with children and other animals. 

Some websites state that they are more loyal to one family member but we have not found that to be true at all! Not only do they share their love equally with each family member, they tailor their affection to the specific play and snuggle style of each member of the family, to include the other family pets!


They seem to have an almost magical way of bringing joy to those around them. They have a smart and intuitive way of recognizing when an individual has an emotional need; whether they are sad, insecure or even too hyperactive, Great Bernese will often take it upon themselves to help lift the spirits of any human or animal. They make great Therapy Dogs as well. 


Great Bernese are calm and well-mannered but remain playful throughout their lives. 

They can be as active as you would like for outdoor activities but they are naturally calm whenever appropriate. They can go all day on a hike or horseback ride but when they are in the house, or on a restaurant patio, they will calmly lay at your feet. 


They are loyal companions, trustworthy, reliable and lovely company to be around. Our 4 Great Bernese, Max, Lilly, Spoticus and Skya go nearly everywhere with us everyday. Even if it is for a day of doing boring errands, they always want to come along. 

These beautiful, sweet and friendly dogs bring huge smiles and draw admirers everywhere that they go so be prepared to hear a lot of compliments and questions about them, as well as getting their photos taken! Sometimes it feels like we are driving around with celebrities in our truck but it warms ours hearts to see how much joy they bring to others!     

Most people do not recognize the breed but some make attempts to guess, based upon their memory that at least one large dog breed starts with "Saint." So far, our two favorites are, "Is that a Saint Barnyard?" and "Is that a Saint Germain?" Well, they tried, haha!

Great Bernese are big, huggable dogs. They have a weight range of 70 - 130 lbs and females tend to be smaller than the males.

Veterinarians tell me that the designer mix tends to create healthier dogs, with longer lifespans, (up to 12 years), than the two purebreds alone. 

Like most breeds, they do shed but that is why robot vacuums were invented, right? 

They are happy, affectionate, nurturing, empathetic, loyal, fun loving, athletic, engaging, smart, easy to train, responsive and quite entertaining too. They seem to enjoy making us smile everyday! 


I cannot express enough how wonderful they are in every way! I have had dogs my whole life and Great Bernese are by far my favorite breed. 

They are very easy as puppies and seem to arrive with all of the basics already figured out!