About Us

We love animals and all of nature. We are breeders of Straight Egyptian Arabian Horses. AzpinArabians.com.


We have also raised and released many orphaned wild animals over the years.


Animals are our passion and each day consists of their care and well-being. 


Skya, Max, Lilly and their son Spoticus are our beloved Great Bernese family members.  They are by our side each day while we work around the home and the farm.  

They join us for hikes, horseback rides, boating, camping, running, travel and although they are given the option to stay home, they always opt to join us for all of our boring errands around town as well. They are so well behaved and we enjoy their company so much, they are nearly always with us. 


We absolutely LOVE raising these incredible puppies and they tolerate getting dozens of kisses from us per day.  Helping to provide a great start for these beautiful souls brings us immeasurable joy!

We moved from Whitefish, Montana to near Scottsdale, Arizona. Puppies may be safely shipped if you are not nearby.