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Tula at her new home in


A note from Tula's family...

I’ll never be able to thank you enough for bringing Tula to me, Dana! I hope I can convey how much she means to me! She truly does feel like a soulmate level connection that I can’t explain sometimes. 


From the first minute Tula has been a part of our family she has fit into every aspect of our lives seamlessly.


I know Dana believes in letting fate decide where her puppies go and fate is the only way to describe the connection we have with Tula. Everyone that meets Tula raves about her friendly, calm disposition which is a clear result from her amazing upbringing with Dana.


I'll never forget when a relative met Tula he immediately pointed out that a dog as sweet as Tula must've been exposed to such incredible love right off the bat. It was beyond evident that Dana and her family provided Tula, and all her siblings, the most loving, happy upbringing! Even before physically meeting Tula it was obvious how much care and love Dana put into every second she spent with the puppies.


Dana was amazing at providing daily updates about every detail occurring in the puppy's lives! She truly has a gift for making you feel like you're there every step of the development process even if you're a thousand miles away! I can not be more grateful for Dana and all the hard work and care she puts into all her animals. 

Additionally, we will never be able to say enough good things about Tula! We originally chose the name Tula because it means light and precious gift and that is exactly what Tula has been to us. She has brought so much happiness into our lives which we are so grateful for!


I am lucky enough to work in a high school setting in which I am able to bring Tula to school with me. Tula has been a natural therapy dog right from the beginning in that she goes from student to student giving everyone as much love and attention as she can. By far Tula's favorite thing in life is giving the best cuddles and she will happily give those cuddles to anyone in sight! 

































I remember Dana describing Tula as a very "go with flow" girl which is right on point!  


Tula has always effortlessly adjusted to all the adventures we experience together which we are very grateful for because we have a very active lifestyle. I'll never forget our first hikes together and her learning how to swim or cross different bridges or even just walk through mud.
























She just has this incredible way of calmly taking everything in and then knowing exactly how to respond to her new situations. Whether it be adjusting to a new animal at the school such as goats, rabbits, lizards, etc. or adjusting to staying in a hotel because we are traveling, Tula handles it all with such calmness and maturity.


It's often hard to imagine that she's still just a puppy due to her ability to take in the world as if she's experienced these things a hundred times!






















She's just truly the most special girl and we can not be more thankful for all the happiness Tula has brought into our lives already. We count our blessings everyday that fate, and most importantly Dana, brought Tula into our lives!


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