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Riley is such a sweet and loving puppy. She was the first to return our kisses, even before her eyes opened. She is very affectionate and likes to cuddle. 


She has a serene, polite, easy going temperament and is never one to complain.


Riley is slightly smaller than her siblings and despite her size and gentle nature, she is also feisty when she needs to be and was never pushed out of her favorite nursing spot by her larger siblings. She can hold her own during puppy wrestling matches as well. 


She has such an adorable personality, with a playful, silly side.  


She is expressive and communicates easily. Riley makes great eye contact with her soulful eyes.

Riley was a good girl at her veterinary appointment, getting her Health Certificate for her flight home.  

Riley in the airplane cabin.  She slept through nearly the entire flight home to Washington DC. 

Riley ather new home, in Washington DC.

A note from Riley's family...

My search for the perfect dog took me three years. One of which was spent researching, and ultimately settling on the Great Bernese breed, and two of which were spent waiting for Max and Skya's first litter.


I was determined to find a breeder that I felt aligned with. I spent time calling and speaking with many, a lot of whom had puppies available then or in the near future. Still, something felt off and I continued my search.


Upon discovering Dana's website and reading how she beautifully described each dog, it was impossible not to feel the love and commitment she had to her pets and litter's. I knew I found the right breeder.


I patiently waited for two years for the next available litter and am eternally grateful that I listened to my instincts, waiting and committing to a breeder with whom I felt a connection.


Dana's communication from birth onwards is a unique gift that I will carry with me forever. She gave me the opportunity to create a relationship with Riley before I ever met her.


From Dana's expertise and love for these puppies, I was able to witness Riley's personality grow and forge a bond before physically obtaining her.


Dana's ability to do that for each owner allowed us to form a new litter mate family whom I still stay in contact with, sharing pictures of our puppies and funny stories, as well as thoughtful notes and support from Dana. 


Riley came into my life with confidence and love.


Every day she teaches me something... whether it's to use my own voice (she lets me know when she needs something) or to observe before acting, I am so proud to be the mom of this gentle soul.


The perfect balance, she enjoys her play time and then will calmly come sit next to me to get her cuddles before resting.


A testament to how naturally gentle and wise she is is when I brought her over to my cousin's house for Mother's Day.


This was only 2 weeks after I brought her home and she was surrounded by 8 kids ranging from 11 months to 8 years old.


Riley neither teethed, jumped, nor barked at them while they were huddling over her, attempting to pick her up, playing with her, and smothering her in hugs and kisses.


That is a natural behavior that shines through especially when she plays with smaller dogs and children.


This little girl has the biggest heart and I can't wait for our years of adventures together. 

My mom often says that you can tell dogs that have only known love. I am forever thankful to Dana and Sage for giving Riley a loving start and will always hold her, Sage, Max, Skya, and the rest of their family in my heart. 




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