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Molly is very sweet and affectionate. She often opts to snuggle with us and watch her siblings play while we are with them, joining back in with the other puppies after we get back to doing our work around the farm. 


Her big eyes and extra soft fur remind of a seal pup and she is just as adorable. 


Molly also has such a precious, playful and charming personality that was evident at a very young age. 


She is smart, observant and such a good girl everyday.


Molly likes to stay involved with anything that may be happening and therefore is the last to fall asleep at night.

Molly at her new home, in California. 

I have wanted to adopt a Bernese Mountain Dog for over a decade. During that time, I educated myself, and searched for breeders near our area.


I found Dana and the Great Bernese breed about a year and a half ago and waited for Skya to mature to a breeding age.


I contacted Dana based on the information on the website, and a feeling I had that her puppies were special.


My instincts proved to be correct. I could not have found a more loving and dedicated breeder. Dana's devotion to her canine family and each litter of puppies is inspiring. I have learned so much from her. 


Our puppy, Molly, came home in May and we are so enamored. She is by far the most loving pet we have ever had. She is so beautiful, healthy, and full of life.


Several people have commented that she looks like a stuffed animal because she is so pretty. I often say that looking at her is like looking at an Instagram photo! 


Molly is also very smart and, while we can easily be manipulated by her obvious charms, she is learning how to be a big girl slowly and surely :)


One unique thing that Dana did was connect us puppy parents (from the same litter) from the very beginning. After their births, she sent us photos and updates as a group, so we got a chance to bond with each other and all the pups. We have maintained contact and continue to share the puppies' progress with each other.


Dana feels like an old friend and I wouldn't hesitate to contact her if I had a question or needed her expertise.


We feel very blessed to have Molly, and are very grateful for everything that Dana has done, and the advice she continues to pass on to ensure the best future for Molly. 


A note from Molly's family...

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