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Makalu - "Mack"

Photos coming soon. 

Makalu at his new home in

Denver, CO. 

A note from Makalu's family...

I had always been hesitant to add a second dog to my little pack, and I knew that if I ever were to, it would have to be the absolute perfect fit. As I began my research on breeds that had the potential to be that missing piece, I discovered Dana's website.


Immediately, it was clear that I had found it. Dana's passion for these wonderful dogs was so clear through her incredibly helpful descriptions and write ups, and I fell in love with the breed instantly. I was ecstatic to open the email filled with adorable photos of puppies brand new to the world with the message that I was so lucky to get to call one of them mine.


The communication, photos, and videos that followed only cemented how truly fortunate I was to get to welcome Makalu into my home and how perfect he would  be for my dog Wiley and me. Dana didn't miss a single day of puppy updates and I got to know Makalu and his siblings so well before I ever met him.


The day I met Makalu to bring him home was so special. I'll never forget the way he locked eye contact with me in the middle of his sea of siblings and just held it -- something that Dana had already described as a sweet habit of his. If it can still count after seeing so many photos and videos of him, it truly was love at first sight.


Makalu has been a joy since the very first day. He settled in with such ease, receiving compliments from everyone on how relaxed and observant he is while also full of fun personality.


Wiley and I have always lived a pretty adventurous life, and Makalu jumped right in, quiet and relaxed in the car for long road trips, eager to explore on trails, and loyal in a way that always keeps him close and checking in. He takes to new places, no questions asked, and captures the hearts of everyone he meets with his cute freckled nose and quiet gaze.

He really is perfect, and that is largely a testament to the love and care he received from Dana and Sage and their passion for Great Bernese.

Makalu is everything Dana promised and more, and I couldn't be more grateful to have him by my side through it all.



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