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Photos coming soon. 

Finn at his new home in 

La Jolla, CA. 

A note from Finn's family...

Our experience with Dana has been the absolute best. It is vividly apparent how much she cares for her animals as well as their adoptive parents. 


From the very beginning, she provided honest and open communication, answering any questions or concerns we had with a wealth of knowledge from her years of experience. 


She also provided plenty of puppy photo/video updates of the puppies from the day they were born. This made the waiting process that much more exciting and it was so special to see Finn's personality develop as we were waiting to bring him home. 


Prior to picking up Finn, we were given his full vaccination schedule, training tips and tricks, and individualized care suggestions to ensure a smooth transition for both the humans and puppies during the adoption process. I truly cannot brag enough about adopting from Dana. To this day, I am still in contact with her and love to exchange updates and fun stories :) 



Finn's personality is so fun-loving & he is always ready for an adventure. He never fails to make us laugh with his goofy antics and melts our heart every day with his endless affection. He is the life of the party and the ultimate cuddle-buddy. There is yet to be a person or animal that he does not love, and vice versa (I mean how could you not love that handsome face?!)


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