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Millie is a sweet, happy, affectionate, good girl. She gives us kisses everyday and those began even before her eyes opened.


She is smart, observant and enthusiastic about learning.

She is fun-loving, mannerly, sensitive, confident and calm. 

Millie so closely resembles her mother, Skya, both in looks and personality. 

My parents wanted a puppy "Just like Skya" so she was reserved before she was born. She was named in honor of my grandmother, Mildred, whom friends called "Millie".


We were fortunate to have had the opportunity to keep Millie here with us for an extra couple of months, until my parents returned from a vacation.  

First shopping trip to the feed store. "Stay for photo".

Fun camping trip with 6 good doggies. Millie hiked 7 miles without complaint!

At the halfway point, she had a nice cool a dip in the lake, a lunch break and a nap before heading back to camp. We were so proud of our adventurous girl. 


Pepper (2019 litter) and my dear friend, Donna, joined us from San Diego, CA. 

Millie at her new home, in Coeur d' Alene, Idaho. 

A note from Millie's family...

A few years ago, we had decided that our 12-year-old senior dog, (who was still a fairly high energy Labrador Retriever), would likely be our last dog.


We are an active couple in our mid-70's but we wondered if getting another puppy would be a wise decision. Our previous Labrador, Golden and Chesapeake Bay Retrievers seemed to take a couple of years to get out of their puppy stage. 


We are admittedly not great at training dogs either. 

We have a lovely cat and we resolved that at some point, "Goldie" would simply be our only pet. 

Our thoughts quickly changed, however, after spending a week at the lake with Dana, Sage and their wonderful Great Bernese, Skya, who was just a year old at the time. 


Skya brought so much love into our family group that it was clear that we “needed” a puppy from her!  We realized that if we could have a dog just like Skya, that would really be ideal for us. 


So when Skya and Max had their first litter, we got our sweet girl, Millie.  


Dana and Sage have done the most beautiful job of raising these little pups. We received such important guidance on feeding, vet care, and training so it has been so easy and wonderful for us.


Millie has the most adorable and engaging personality. She is full of love, happiness, affection and has the best manners ever. 


Remarkably, Millie arrived to us as a fully trained puppy. 


She has mastered a long list of commands for a 4 1/2 month old puppy: 


  • "Come" 

  • "Sit"

  • "Stay"

  • "Lie Down" 

  • "Stay down" 

  • "Crawl"

  • "Shake"

  • "Give me five" 

  • "Give me ten"

  • "Beg"

  • "Say Woof"

  • "Spin around"

  • "Heal" 

Here are some of her qualities that really amaze us, especially because she is still just a puppy: 

  • She is great with people and so gentle with children, including our 4-year-old grandson. 

  • She is wonderful with our kitty and they quickly became the best of friends. 

  • She gets along great with other dogs and loves going to the dog park.  

  • She has never had an accident in the house.

  • She has never jumped on us or anyone else.

  • She does not chew on our hands or our clothing.

  • She plays with her toys and chews her bones each day.  She is not destructive inside or outside, aside from the one time that she chewed on the end of one of the garden drip line hoses. Of course, that is very minor, especially considering that she does not have another dog to play with here and we have elaborate landscaping, flower gardens and fruit and vegetable gardens. We assumed that we would have a lot of flower causitualities but Millie has been such a good girl and our loyal companion while we work out on the garden. 

  • She is quiet and not a barker.

  • She walks beside us during our walks out in public without pulling on her leash.

  • She comes immediately when called if she is loose. 

  • She is a great traveler, lying still on her bed in the back seat of our truck. 

  • She is confident and up for anything. 

  • We just returned from the lake and she was just as wonderful as her mother, who was with us the year before. 

She is what we consider the PERFECT dog and we love her so much!


Millie is such a precious addition to our household, just as Dana promised!  

Patty and Gary 


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