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Photos coming soon. 

Kibo at his new home in

Los Angeles, CA 

A note from Kibo's family...

Getting a puppy from Dana was an absolutely magical experience. 


From the day Kibo was born, Dana was sending photos and videos so that we could meet and fall in love with our puppy.  We got to see him open his eyes for the first time, play for the first time, start walking… all of it!  And most important, we got to see all the love, attention and guidance showered upon these lucky puppies by Dana, Sage, amazing mom Skya, and all the incredible dogs in the family.  And cats and horses, too! 


Dana set up a text chain for all the future puppy parents from the litter, and filled it with photos, videos, explanations of what was going on and invaluable information and education about dogs and puppy-raising.  We saw our little puppies run around the farm, learn to climb and play, and have constant interactions with children, neighbors, friends, and all manner of animals.  These puppies get to experience it all, and it shows when they finally get home.  


Kibo is the most well-behaved, calm, loving puppy we have ever known.  When he arrived, he was already house trained, knew how to sit and come, and got along with every animal and human he met. 


That loving, caring beginning the puppies get shows in every way in his outstanding personality.  He is also the funniest dog we’ve ever had, loves being goofy and is always up for adventure and play.  He and our other dog Flynn -- who can be far more stand-offish -- became fast best-friends, and are now inseparable. 


I really can’t say enough about Kibo and his confident, joyful, calm, and preternaturally wise personality.  He has an outstretched paw and wagging tail for everyone he meets, and they all fall quickly in love.  No one can resist his charms!


I feel like I learned more about dogs from Dana in those first nine weeks than I had in my entire dog-loving life before.  The text chain she set up the first day has become something we still look forward to checking in on – updates about the puppy siblings, laughs and experiences shared, and advice from the ever-generous, lovely and wise Dana.


We are so grateful to Dana and Sage for everything, but most of all for bringing this spectacular boy Kibo into our lives. 

Andrea & family

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