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Photos coming soon. 

Hank at his new home in

Bowen Island, BC, Canada. 

A note from Hank's family...

In a twist of fate, after the passing of our beloved Bernese, we started researching the Great Berner breed.


From the moment we landed on Dana's webpage, we knew it was meant to be. Her words resonated with us on every level and somehow gave us some comfort and faith after having lost such a pillar in our fur family to some chronic health issues.


Once we knew we were getting a puppy from the upcoming Max & Skya litter, Dana immediately included us in the puppy family and involved us in every aspect of our "soon to be" new family member's journey into our lives.


Dana made sure to keep us updated and involved in Hank's entire puppyhood. We saw so much video and pictures and even an in-person visit where we got to meet Hank, his Mom (Skya) and siblings. 

By the time Hank arrived to us, we felt we knew him already and it was obvious how much love and trust he had, coming from the most loving and caring family of Dana, Sage, Skya, Max, Spot, Amore (kitty) and many more...,


Hank greeted us with a wagging tail and it has never stopped. He is the most well-balanced puppy we have ever had. (and we've had many) As a new puppy to our family he greeted his new siblings with intelligence beyond his years, and even now at 7 months, adjusts his play with each of his siblings; a slow more cautious play with our 12 year old Portie and a more playful and yet still careful play with our 5 year old Schnauzer.  

Hank approaches everything new in this way, assumes the best and greets with kindness and love. 


Hank combines the sweet personality of our late Berner, but then brings a natural athleticism of the Pyrenees. He is so robust, which is so important to us, given the structural skeletal issues suffered by our sweet Berner. 


Hank brought the joy of a puppy to our home, but without many of the struggles. He came completely house trained from Dana, asking politely when he needed to go out for potty. He also understood all basic commands coming from Dana and her amazing puppy training. He joined our pack's treat training regime seamlessly, knowing how to sit already and he quickly added laydown and stay into this repertoire within the week. He is a very quick learner! 


Dana has been and continues to be available for any of our questions and concerns -although we hardly have any- because Hank is just the most perfect boy!


We hope to be the recipients of another Dana puppy in the future because this whole experience has added so much joy into our lives. We do feel extremely lucky to have Hank in our family and can't wait to see where this life together takes us :) 


Proud parents of Hank,

Lana & Nigel 


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